Plastoflex is a private company established in 1979. In the past 40 years, it has gained extensive experience in plastic production and processing.

Until 2013, the company’s name was HELIOPLAST, and it was the regional leader in the production of injection moulded plastic packaging. Its quality was recognized by the European company RPC Group, which subsequently acquired HELIOPLAST.

After that, the original owners established a new company called PLASTOFLEX, engaged in the production and injection of plastics as well as the production of plastic injection moulding tools.

Our primary goal is to make products that meet market needs with emphasis on quality, short deadlines, and competitive price. Also, goal is to produce parts for our customers, which will facilitate the installation and use of plastic parts for their purposes in the further process of obtaining finished products for placing on the market.


1979 – The company was founded as a craft shop.
1983 – Production of household products was initiated.
2000 – HELIOPLAST started producing injection moulding.
2013 – Helioplast was acquired by RPC.
2013 – Plastoflex was founded by the original owners.
2018 – 70 employees; 5000m2 of production departments.

Plastoflex today:

– 5000 m2 of production space
– 10 to 1000 tonnes of injection moulding machines
– Modernly equipped department for production of moulding tools
– Injection moulding services using your moulding tools;
– Assembly of complex parts made of plastic;
– We offer complete concepts: from an idea to the final product.
– At your request, we produce moulding tools and inject the product at our own moulding department.
– Delivery directly to the customer.