Our primary goal is to make products that meet market needs with emphasis on quality, short deadlines, and competitive price. Also, goal is to produce parts for our customers, which will facilitate the installation and use of plastic parts for their purposes in the further process of obtaining finished products for placing on the market.


About Us

Plastoflex is a private company established in 1979. In the past 40 years, it has gained extensive experience in plastic production and processing.

– 5000 m2 of production space
– 10 to 1000 tonnes of injection moulding machines
– Modernly equipped department for production of moulding tools
– Injection moulding services using your moulding tools;
– Assembly of complex parts made of plastic;
– We offer complete concepts: from an idea to the final product.
– At your request, we produce moulding tools and inject the product at our own moulding department.
– Delivery directly to the customer.


Our primary goal is to make products that meet market needs with emphasis on quality, short deadlines, and competitive price.


Plastoflex is engaged in processing of plastics by the injection moulding method. We own machines ranging from 10 to 1000 tonnes of closing force. The maximum weight of the product is 3,000g.

We process the following materials: PP, PE, ABS, PA, TPE, PC, PA, ASA, HDPE, LDPE.


The moulding department is equipped with the latest CNC metal processing machines. Our engineers and operators have many years of experience in designing the most sophisticated moulding tools for all types of injection moulding. Our development team will meet all your needs from the very idea to the final implementation of the project.

The production of plastic injection moulding tools is carried out in a separate plant within the company, thus we have the ability to perform assembly, commissioning and testing of finished moulding tools using our own injecting machines very easily and quickly.
In addition to moulding tool production, both for the needs of our own product assortment and for the needs of the market, we also perform the services of machining of metal semi-finished products and products such as:

• CNC Milling;
• CNC Turning;
• CNC erodiranje Eroding (wire and electrode);
• CNC Drilling;

as well as processing services using conventional machines (lathes, drills, grinding machines for flat and round grinding, and scraping tools).


Quality assurance in a production process is a set of all operational and organizational steps that guarantee that the products possess the quality characteristics required by technical and technological documentation.

The quality assurance program in the company includes all stages of operation, such as:

1. Planning
2. Preengineering
3. Production process
4. Product testing
5. Packaging
6. Delivery




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